New Bachmann buzz-phrase

We guess “gangster government” got old, because it’s on to “constitutional conservative.” Media reports say the phrase was used repeatedly at the recent Minnesota GOP convention. We find this amusing, as mainstream conservatism frequently rejects the bits of the Constitution it doesn’t happen to like. You can ask an ACLU attorney how many Republicans support their work. Or, if you don’t think the ACLU really cares about the Constitution (which I guess means you think they support free speech for racists and the Westboro Baptist Church because they agree with those viewpoints), you could look at what various conservatives have said about the Constitution. Our personal favorite at the moment is the recent call by Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Douchebagland, to deport the children of illegal immigrants even if they are American citizens. He is aware of the Fourteenth Amendment; he just doesn’t care. You stay classy, San Diego!

Anyway, Eric Black at the MinnPost took the trouble to ask Bachmann whether she thought a liberal could be constitutional. She gave a non-answer, but at least he tried.


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