Breaking news: Bachmann is not a 100% terrible human being!

In our travels around the Internet, we frequently see people who don’t like Michele Bachmann call her a racist. We have seen plenty of evidence to suggest that she has a problem with Muslims, but this is not exactly racism — it’s more anti-religion-ism. So we were surprised and pleased to see her soft-pedal a question about whether she supports the blatant racial profiling law that was just passed in Arizona. From Politico:

Even the normally outspoken Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) was subdued. “You know I haven’t even really been following it to tell the truth,” she told POLITICO when asked about the law.

When asked about immigration more generally, she said: “People have a right to feel that they can be safe and protected in their own homes and on their own land, and that idea of the federal government doing its job to secure the city for the American people is something that’s been lagging.”

See that? That’s a politician refusing to commit. Of course, she’s also refusing to outright condemn it, probably because the Republican party line is to be against anything that smells like support of illegal immigration. But even a wussy refusal to commit either way is better than we were expecting from her. This is, after all, the woman who famously said that not all cultures are equal. Our working theory is that maybe she likes Mexican immigrants because they are largely Christians, and ultimately she is on Team Jesus. (Though obviously she has a loose interpretation of the ninth commandment.)

Here she is temporalizing some more on Faux News:


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