Bachmann puts incorrect words in Mitt Romney’s mouth

According to the Huffington Post, the right wing has been slagging off on Massachusetts’ health care plan lately. This is despite the fact that Mitt Romney, one of their supposed front-runners for 2012, was the governor behind it. Michele Bachmann, our very favorite attention whore, apparently got in on this on some radio show:

Well, I think that he has real concerns with what he did on health care in Massachusetts. I think that’s, you know, he understands economics, but I think clearly what happened in Massachusetts has not been a good thing for that state. It’s driving it towards bankruptcy as is TennCare in Tennessee.

As the HuffPost points out, Romney has actually been saying it works well, or at least he’s been saying that lately. As the HuffPost didn’t explicitly point out, Romney also doesn’t think it’s bankrupting the state. From the Faux News transcript they linked:

Well, it’s actually working pretty much as anticipated at the time it was passed. The legislature wanted to make the policies a little more gold-plated than I preferred. And so it’s about — it costs about 1.5 percent of the state budget, which was what was expected.

Just another in the long line of outright lies that Bachmann is constantly getting away with due to an actively complicit conservative media and a lazy mainstream media.


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