Bachmann claims people dislike her because she uses liberals’ own statements

Where did this whopper come from? Why, Fox News Sunday, of course. Host Chris Wallace softballed the following to Bachmann: Why are you such a lightning rod? Her response:

“I think part of that may be because when I talk about what is happening in Washington, D.C., I use the actual statements or comments or the data that Nancy Pelosi or President Obama or Harry Reid refer to. I use their own statements on them. And usually they don’t like that very much. They don’t like to be quoted back with what they’ve said.”

They especially hate it when they get caught saying something controversial, then try to pretend they never said it despite massive amounts of evidence on video, then wait 15 months and go back to acknowledging that they did say it.

Oh, wait, that’s Bachmann who did that.


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