Bachmann compares herself to Nostradamus, reverses herself on McCarthylike witch hunt again

Our very first post to this blog concerns Bachmann’s suggestion to Chris Matthews that the media should investigate anti-American members of Congress, including Barack Obama. Despite the fact that it was all over the media and the Internet, with video, Bachmann then tried to deny she said it, or at least that she meant it, claiming that Matthews entrapped her.

Now, she has changed her mind again! Speaking to an audience from the antiabortion Susan B. Anthony List, she said this:

“I said I had very serious concerns that Barack Obama had anti-American views,” she said. “And now I look like Nostradamus.”

We are not actually sure what event she thinks validates her belief that Obama has anti-American views. However, we note that reputable scholars don’t believe Nostradamus has actually predicted anything, and that he used a poor version of astrology to do it. So insofar as she is comparing herself to a crank, this comparison may have merit.


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