Bachmann: there will be 30% more abortions if health care passes.

She said this on talk radio somewhere. She cites the Alan Guttmacher Institute, an international organization that does research, policy and education about reproductive health. A small amount of paging through their site does not reveal where she got that information. But since Bachmann doesn’t have psychic powers (so far as we know), this is probably a guess or an extrapolation based on research, maybe on how access to health care affects abortion rates. Guttmacher was a leader in Planned Parenthood, by the way.

The MinnPost went and fact-checked it for us! Aww, look at that, the news media can still do its job sometimes (though these guys are not the Strib and operate on a donation basis). Bachmann’s spokeshole referred them to this article, which cites studies showing that 18-35% of women continued pregnancies they would otherwise have aborted if Medicare funding didn’t go through.

The MinnPost then called the Guttmacher Institute, where they spoke to someone who “seemed to audibly sigh.” The audible sigh-er said those numbers were achieved by supposing that the Hyde Amendment were repealed. If this happened, the studies say abortions would go up 18-35% among women enrolled in Medicaid, in states where there’s no alternative funding for abortions. So that wouldn’t be a nationwide 30% increase. The Guttmacher Institute thinks it’d be more like 2.5% nationwide.

Of course, this is all if the Hyde Amendment had been repealed. Which it has not been.

The article goes on to cite some people from Planned Parenthood who say abortions go down when women have access to health care. This is apparently borne out by the experience of Massachusetts. They also mention a Catholic study saying Medicaid funding has no effect on abortion.


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