Dennis Kucinich accused of selling out so his wife can promote vegetables

This is possibly the lamest accusation Bachmann has yet made WRT corruption and the health care bill. (Looks like the smearing of the law school dean in Utah didn’t stick.) According to the Washington Independent, Bachmann told a conservative talk show host that Kucinich changed his vote on the health care bill because Michelle Obama has invited Elizabeth Kucinich to join her in promoting vegetables to school children. From the WI:

BACHMANN: [T]o think what they’re flipping for. You know, Dennis Kucinich, a ride on Air Force One.


BACHMANN: And apparently the President also gave him, Dennis Kucinich’s wife and to be able to work with Michelle Obama on the next effort, which is if you eat vegan that you’ll lose weight. I think that’s the next, the next platform that Michelle Obama’s going to have. And what I understood yesterday is that Mrs. Kucinich will work together with Mrs. Obama on that effort.

BENNETT: It’s time to get the Cattleman’s Association back there.

BACHMANN: Oh my gosh, if this is what they’re selling out votes for on their side, they’re a bunch of weak sisters over there.

Here is a piece on what Obama and Kucinich will be doing, in case “if you eat vegan you’ll lose weight” was too vague for you. They are publicizing a bill that promotes vegetables in school lunches. We’d love to see Bachmann come out against this.

The more logical explanation for Elizabeth Kucinich’s involvement is that she is a vegan (as is her husband — he’s kind of famous for it) and director of public affairs for the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, which shills for the health benefits of vegetarianism. And that Dennis Kucinich has realized that voting against this bill would be letting the perfect (presumably, for him, that means single-payer) be the enemy of the good. But Bachmann is leaving no stone unturned in her search for backroom deals to condemn as the health bill becomes law over her corporate backers’ objections.

BTW, the talk show host was Bill Bennett, the moralizer with the gambling problem.


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