Sixth District voters get sick of Bachmann, start website

No kidding! Via Dump Bachmann, we have learned that some Sixth District people have started a group called Residents for Accuracy and Truth, with an accompanying website. They say they want to focus specifically on how Bachmann’s actions or inaction has hurt her district and its people, as opposed to merely how she is crazy. We wish them all the best in this, as it may be more convincing to actual Sixth District voters. We will continue to focus on her delicious, toothsome craziness and how poorly it reflects on the GOP and Tea Party movement.

This website looks so professional that we thought it might be connected to Tarryl Clark or Maureen Reed. If so, it’s not interested in telling you so. In fact, there are no names on there. We suggest that Residents for Accuracy and Truth make somebody available to the media, to spread the word and for credibility. But you know, that’s just our opinion.


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