Bachmann suddenly develops aversion to legislative tricks

The issue of the week in health care is the “self-executing rule,” which is a way for House Democrats to end-run around being brave enough to actually pass a health care bill. We think it is wussy, but since it’s been used hundreds of times by both parties, we didn’t think it was illegal. Like many House Republicans, Bachmann disagrees. She told a conservative talk-show host that it is blatantly unconstitutional and that “no one’s ever seen anything like this before.” As the Minnesota Independent notes, this is a blatant lie, or perhaps just ignorance of history — Bachmann’s past is rife with both. That publiction says the rule was used 112 times when Republican Dennis Hastert was Speaker. As that TPM blog post explains at some length (check it out), it’s like the filibuster, in that the minority party rails against it consistently until that party gets a majority. Then, suddenly, it’s good for democracy again.

Bachmann went on to tell people not to follow the law if it passes.* This was essentially a call for people to stop paying taxes. We suspect that once people see that access to health care benefits them, they will stop comparing it to Auschwitz. However, if Bachmann voters lose their rights to vote by becoming tax felons, we will not be up late crying.
Edit: Apparently Bachmann has stuck to the assertion that this has never been done before, despite a few people suggesting that she might be extremely wrong. The Strib fact-checks that, and unsurprisingly, still finds that it is false. In fact, in a surprising reversal of her usual MO, she admitted she was wrong about this. She said she got bad information from an unnamed “constitutional law guy” she knows. Who wants to bet that her con law guy is from the same place as nerdy/closeted guys’ Canadian girlfriends?

*Hmm, how does she feel about state-legal medical marijuana and federal preemption in FDA cases? Yeah, we thought so.


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