Bachmann is still advising people to not fill out the census

There was speculation in the MN media that she had changed her mind because she realized her job was in jeopardy. But nope, MPR reports that she’s still telling people not to fill it out. As her detractors have gleefully pointed out, this would be a crime.

We actually don’t care so much that it’s a federal crime. We think the bigger issue is that there’s absolutely no evidence that the government is going to use the census to hurt you. In fact, census information cannot legally be shared with law enforcement, Congress etc. Without evidence, this is a crazy, paranoid thing to believe that should destroy Bachmann’s credibility and embarrass everyone connected with her. That it has not done so, in our opinion, reflects poorly on the media as well as on her followers. We are not even sure she actually believes it, although if she doesn’t, it says some disturbing things about the kind of person she expects to vote for her.

Anyway, if she manages to convince enough poor critical thinkers to agree with her, we will enjoy watching her lose her incumbency.


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