Bachmann spreads tired lie about Obama banning fishing

From the MinnPost: Obama formed a task force last summer to study and make recommendations about managing oceans and waterways. Among their concerns: overfishing of certain species. Any regulation about this would have an effect on commercial fishing, and add another guideline to the rules recreational anglers already follow. Then, some guy wrote an article on speculating that any regulation could unintentionally affect recreational fishing as well as commercial.

Then, the right-wing echo chamber got hold of it. Next thing you know, Glenn Beck is telling people that Obama is going to ban sport fishing through executive power. No kidding:

Of course, it’s all scare-mongering built around lies. Nobody has made any rules or laws at all, Obama is involved only indirectly and there are no plans to specifically ban sport fishing. But that didn’t stop Bachmann from saying so to the MinnPost writer, nor did it stop Beck or any of his talk-radio clones. Once again, we can only marvel at people’s willingness to continue consuming media from people who do not respect their intelligence.


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