Bachmann: Kill the bill for the sake of the troops!

No kidding. At an anti-health-care rally in Washington,, Bachmann invoked “the troops” as a reason to stop the health care bill(s) from being passed.

“The men and women today who are bleeding for us in Afghanistan,” she said. “We need to think about them, what they gave to us, and recognize if this goes down in the United States, where does anyone go for freedom? Where do we go for freedom?”

It’s true. The freedom of active-duty and former servicemembers is severely limited because they get government-run healthcare for their entire lives through military doctors, Tricare and the VA! They have absolutely no freedom to declare bankruptcy because someone in the family got sick. And military healthcare sucks so badly that it wins awards and does groundbreaking research.

At this rally, Bachmann also apparently said “Now is the time to see the whites of their eyes,” which was part of her call to action. She may not have realized this, given her demonstrated loose grasp of history, but this is a reference to the Battle of Bunker Hill. It’s apocryphal, but the order is typically given as “don’t fire until you see the whites of their eyes” and understood as an attempt to save ammo. Of course, in this case, the main ammo Bachmann seems to be using is deception, and unfortunately there’s no shortage of that, so the metaphor doesn’t really make any sense. But then again, we don’t have the great education Bachmann got at Oral Roberts University.


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