Bachmann: Tear down this wall between church and state!

Our favorite wingnut appeared on conservtive talk radio March 8, and the red meat flew. The Minnesota Independent says she repeated her lie about Nancy Pelosi being out to get her, then got down to business undermining the wall between church and state. Asked what religious leaders can do to help her get elected, she responded, like JFK, by telling the audience what Congress can do for religious leaders: repeal the law against endorsement of candidates and political parties by 501(c)(3) nonprofits.

But the ACLU has been all over the backs of churches… Christian and Jews and people of faith are not second class citizens… but these radical leftist organizations have been intimidating Christians for so long and pastors don’t generally now that they do have the right to speak out from the pulpit.

If we hadn’t seen the reference to the ACLU, we would have thought she was calling the IRS a radical leftist organization. Not that Bachmann wants you to remember this, but liberal religious organizations also exist, and the IRS investigates them too. Also, this rule applies to any 501(c)(3) — universities, hospitals, your local PTA — not just those poor oppressed Christians. Who are not forced to be 501(c)(3)s anyway.

As the Independent observed, this animosity may have something to do with a church getting in trouble for endorsing her during her first run for Congress.

We are, however, proud of her for using the word “literally” correctly for once.


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