Southern Poverty Law Center name-checks Bachmann in report on hate groups

The SPLC is not alleging that Bachmann is a founder or member of any hate group. Rather, according to the Minneapolis City Pages, its “Rage on the Right” report identifies her as one of the people plugging the “central ideas” of right-wing militias and the “Patriot movement” on national TV. It doesn’t give an example of what Bachmann said that echoes the militia movement’s ideas, but off the tops of our heads, we’d guess:
* The idea that Census takers are going to put you in a concentration camp. NOTE: She appears to have changed her mind about this, possibly after realizing that she could lose her job if the Sixth District is under-counted.
* The idea that Americorps is an attempt to brainwash young people.
* Phrases like “I want Minnesotans armed and dangerous” against the government.
* Her unsuccessful attempts to connect Keith Ellison to Islamic extremism.
* Anything she ever said about gay people.

To her credit, we will add that we have never seen her say anything openly racist or nativist. We suspect this has something to do with Minnesota being far away from Mexico, but still.


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