More grist for Reed and Clark: Bachmann’s missed votes

On March 3, the Minnesota Independent took the trouble to catalogue which votes Bachmann’s been missing, as well as those of the rest of MN’s congressional delegation. They subtracted votes from a particular weekend, during which there were an alarming 67 votes and Bachmann had a good excuse: she was with a sick relative. They also subtracted the same votes from Rep. Keith Ellison’s record because he missed the same weekend to attend his son’s graduation. With that out of the way, Bachmann is still the queen of missing votes:

Michele Bachmann: 47Keith Ellison: 37

Betty McCollum: 35

James Oberstar: 17

Collin Peterson: 16

Erik Paulsen: 14

John Kline: 13

Tim Walz: 12

The article also tries to relate the missed votes to media appearances, which was probably a daunting task. However, they note that correlation is not causation, and the schedules don’t always line up. That said, 20 of the 47 missed votes line up with media appearances. It isn’t clear what she was doing during the remaining 27 votes — perhaps resting her sore feet by sitting in the bushes.


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