Bachmann accuses Obama of nominating qualified man to judgeship!

We stole that from New York Magazine’s Daily Intel blog. As you may be aware, Bachmann went on Larry King on Wednesday to “debate” Rep. Alan Grayson of Florida. We haven’t watched the whole thing, but the Internet is abuzz about this particular exchange:

She is referring to Rep. Jim Matheson, D-UT, and the nomination of his brother Scott Matheson to the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. (Their father was the governor of Utah from 1977 to 1985.) Scott Matheson was a U.S. Attorney (federal prosecutor) from 1993 to 1997; is a Rhodes scholar with degrees from Stanford, Yale and Oxford; and was the dean at the University of Utah’s law school until 2006. (He also ran unsuccessfully for governor against Jon Huntsman.) We feel safe in saying that a guy with those credentials does not need nepotism to get a federal judgeship. Furthermore, as the Miami New Times points out, the House is not where the impasse is on health care. So if it’s a bribe, Obama is crafty and insidious yet simultaneously stupid.

Another thing: The president nominates federal judges, but for boring reasons, we happen to know that he really takes the nomination from a shortlist compiled by a senator and other bigwigs in whatever state the judgeship is in. (There are hundreds if not thousands of federal judgeships; you’d need help too.) So this thing was probably in the works for months. That doesn’t prove it’s not a bribe, but Orrin Hatch etc. would have to be in on it, and I think we know where Orrin Hatch stands politically.


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