New “False Witness” comic out!

This issue is all about how Bachmann has built her political career around demonizing teh gayz. Its cover, and of course part of the inside, concers the brilliant episode in which Bachmann hid in the bushes at a pro-GLBT rally outside the Minnesota statehouse. When caught, she claimed she was resting because her feet hurt in their high heels. (Ever notice how Republican women never appear in public without heels, skirts, heavy makeup or big hair? It’s like they’re insecure about their femininity.) It also addresses her claim of false imprisonment in a bathroom stall by lesbians.

Talking Points Memo says everything she “says” in the comic is something she has actually said. As they point out, this is not much of a sacrifice. She can barely get through a week without satirizing herself or making an untrue claim. On sale now at!


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