City Pages catches Bachmann (and Sean Hannity) in another lie about health care.

Lies are pretty much the only way conservatives can defeat this thing, since reasonably priced health care is in everyone’s best interests but the health insurance industry’s. But that’s who they serve, so they lie. The Minneapolis City Pages wrote Feb. 26 that Bachmann and wingnut TV host Sean Hannity lied the other day when they called reconciliation of the House and Senate bills a “trick” by sneaky Democrats to ram through health care reform:

In reality, everyone who paid attention in high school civics knows that reconciliation is a normal part of the bicameral legislative process. Bachmann certainly must know it, unless she pays even less attention to her work in Congress than she does to her district. PolitiFact comes in because they evaluated the truth of another claim about reconciliation — Harry Reid’s claim that Republicans use it more than Democrats to meet their goals. PolitiFact says this is true. They also, BTW, have not rated a single statement of Bachmann’s as true.


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