Bachmann obsessed with idea that Pelosi is obsessed with her.

Despite the well-documented lack of evidence for this claim, Michele Bachmann continues to tell people how much Nancy Pelosi hates her. No doubt she thinks this will help her score points with her Pelosi-hating red-meat conservative audience. According to the Minnesota Independent, Bachmann repeated this claim on Michael Savage’s radio show Feb. 22:

Savage asked, “Why does Nancy Pelosi hate about you?” [Editor’s note: Whoa, Savage, ease up with those hard-hitting questions!]“I think the main thing she hates is that I take her on and President Obama and Harry Reid and their agenda,” Bachmann replied.

Savage said, “I would endorse a Bachmann-Romney ticket… would you be interested in a higher office?”

“You know, right now Nancy Pelosi has made me her number-one target to get rid of in the United States Congress,” she said. “She is raising money against me at a lightning clip. Every day the media hate machine is on my case daily in Minnesota in my state. She has recruited her candidate. This is extremely nasty and these people play for keeps.”

As far as we know, the national Democrats haven’t actually chosen between Clark and Reed, and even if they had, Pelosi is not the Democratic Party.


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