Michele Bachmann, corporate welfare queen

Bachmann likes to vote against and exocoriate anything involving government payments, particularly to people who had the bad taste not to be born rich. A few months ago, however, the nonprofit Environmental Working Group did some digging and found out that Bachmann is a bit of a hypocrite on this issue. As Truthdig reports, it turns out that her father-in-law’s farm in Wisconsin got a bit more than $250,000 in farm subsidies betwen 1995 and 2006. Bachmann’s personal stake in this enterprise is worth about $250,000 and has grown in profit lately. It’s unclear how much total profit from taxpayer money this translates to in real life, but its safe to say that it’s more than $0. Meanwhile, she continues to vote against things like health insurance for people who’ve been laid off because she believes in personal responsibility. Just, y’know, for other people.

She is far from the only Republican (or Democrat) who gets these subsidies, by the way. But she’s the only crazy Republican this blog is about.


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