Poll: Slim majority of Minnesotans find Bachmann embarrassing

The poll was commissioned by the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, Democracy for America and Credo Action, so you may wish to consider the financial backing behind the message. Still, it’s heartening to know that the majority of Minnesotans are just as sensible and nice as their reputation suggests. From the Minnesota Independent:

The Bachmann survey results, released exclusively to the Minnesota Independent, measure responses to the question, “Do you think Congresswoman Michele Bachmann does Minnesota proud in Congress or embarrasses Minnesota?” While 56 percent of respondents statewide said they were embarrassed by Bachmann, 29 percent answered that they were “proud” of the Sixth Congressional District Republican, and 15 percent were “not sure.”

Most interestingly, living in a conservative area doesn’t make you a Bachmann fan — 69% of people living in James Oberstar’s nothern MN district found her embarrassing. Even better, 62% of political independents agreed, which may help unseat her next fall.


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