“do-nothing,” “celebrity” Bachmann?

As it turns out, we weren’t the only ones to notice Bachmann’s weak answer to the St. Cloud Times question about what she’s done for her district. The Clark and Reed campaigns have reportedly seized it, and according to the MinnPost, plan to make it a campaign issue.

The MinnPost also took a look at what legislation Bachmann has actually passed. In her first term — remember, she’s actually on her second term, despite having told the St. Cloud Times that she’s a “freshman” — she sponsored an actual bill that passed. The Credit and Debit Card Reciept Clarification Act makes it harder to sue retail establishments for a minor violation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act. That page implies but does not actually say that it was uncontroversial. So far in her second term, the only thing the newspaper gives her credit for is a nonbinding resolution calling for awareness of a nasty neurological problem called hydrocephalus. Amusingly, writer and unwilling Bachmann constituent Karl Bremer wrote a piece last summer pointing out that while Bachmann is happy to sponsor resolutions, she has consistently voted against funding for the Department of Health and Human Services. HHS funds the NIH and the CDC, which do actual research into treating and curing hydrocephalus, and many other diseases. But it’s much cheaper to pass resolutions than to do anything about those diseases.


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