Furthering our theory that Bachmann loves attention…

…are these quotes from her speech in North Dakota.

The best bit was the unsubstantiated, paranoid bit about how taxpayer money is being used to persecute her through the media. (Someone should tell the newspaper industry that it can get taxpayer funding. Last time we checked, reporters were getting laid off in droves.)

Bachmann lashed out at Twin Cities media, including Mpls-St. Paul Magazine, and said that taxpayer funding was being funneled to “shills” to take her out of office….

“You have to know who you are and what you believe and you have to grow a titanium spine because I am here to tell you, it doesn’t even take two months,” she said. “Because they will get to you if you don’t know who you are because these people are experts they are paid to do that to wear you down.

“‘Cause they want to win, because what do they have? They have the biggest ATM in the world; your back pocket. And so all they need are shills to go and put their hand your back pocket. And they win!”

It’s unclear who exactly she’s referring to, but we personally are not experts at Bachmann Stupid Overdrive. We are rank amateurs with a WordPress blog and a dislike of crazy people in higher office (and no taxpayer subsidy — we should get on that). And frankly, we think the media criticism, if genuine and not an attempt to throw red meat to anti-intellectual conservatives, shows a rather thin skin. The Strib, for example, rarely calls her lies what they are. If you follow the Nancy Pelosi link below, you will see that they call those claims “grossly misleading at best.” If she thinks that’s bad, she should get a load of what the British press does to politicians over there.


She emphasized the importance of not flinching in the face of criticism. “I am speaker Pelosi’s high-value target this next fall. I am. I am not making this up.”

Yes, she is.

And some commentary from the Minnesota Independent:

And she reserved criticism for Twin Cities media outlets.

“I just read something last night that called me a political monster,” a reference to Steve Marsh’s recent interview with Bachmann in Mpls-St. Paul Magazine.

“‘Michele Bachmann the she-devil’ every day in the Twin Cities media,” she added. No Twin Cities media have actually called her a “she-devil.” The closest thing on search engines was Bachman-Turner Overdrive’s 1975 song called “She’s a Devil.”


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