Bachmannn loses her press secretary.

The Minnesota Independent reports that Michele Bachmann’s press secretary quit yesterday, after working for her for less than a year. Now, it’s tempting to make a joke about how difficult it must be to manage communications for someone who says actively crazy things, tells easily detected lies and occasionally flat-out denies that she said something for which there is ample public record. And we are totally doing that.

But as it turns out, press secretary for Bachmann isn’t just a difficult job — it may also be an unpleasant one. According to the St. Paul Pioneer-Press (via Politico), Bachmann goes through staffers like candy, losing at least three chiefs of staff and turning over every major staff position in her office at least once since her election in 2006. Wonkette has a list that seems to be from November of 2008. We can’t prove that she’s difficult to work for, but this Politico story from last fall quotes an anonymous conservative Republican suggesting that Bachmann’s crazy drives people away. When members of your own party say it…

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