Bachmann: The Japanese deny health care to critics of their system!

Just when we thought we would have to spend another week dipping into the archives, Bachmann has served up another steaming heap of crazy. According to the Post-Bulletin of Rochester, Minn., an unnamed person who’d lived under the Japanese health care system told her so:

“In Japan, people have stopped voicing their opinion on health care…He said it’s because they know that they would get on a list, and they wouldn’t get health care. They wouldn’t get in, they wouldn’t get seen, and so people are afraid, they’re afraid to speak back to government. They’re afraid to say anything. Is that what we want for our future? That takes us to gangster government, at that point.”

See for yourself at the Post-Bulletin’s site. Alas, the code is not embedding, but if it were, it would go under here:

She followed it up with the usual lies about the government getting between you and your doctors. (Apparently she prefers a for-profit bureaucracy between us and our doctors.) She was speaking at an event sponsored by a local right-wing nutjob named Allen Quist.

For not-entirely-positive but non-crazy information on the Japanese health care system, you can visit the Washington Post, the Tokyo Foundation or NPR.


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