Bachmann: Less compassionate than Dick Cheney.

As almost everyone in America who cares about GLBT rights is aware, Dick Cheney has a gay daughter. Now that he’s not <S>running the country</S> vice president anymore, he’s gone ahead and said he supports same-sex marriage. Michele Bachmann, meanwhile, has made opposition to same-sex marriage a basis of her political image despite having a gay stepsister. She also continues to spread ignorance about gay people being after your children and similar such tripe. Note to Bachmann: most gay people have better things to do.

Even better (“better”), the Minneapolis City Pages reports that Bachmann apparently lied about polling her family on the subject and getting 6-3 results in favor of a same-sex marriage ban. The stepsister, Helen LaFave, and another family member, Michael LaFave, both say they were never asked a thing. As regular readers of this blog know, it was neither the first nor the last time Bachmann lied about something because it happened to sound good. Why is Minnesota’s Sixth District not actively embarrassed by this woman?


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