More Bachmann health care lies! Whee!

Now, to be fair, the GOP is lying in unison on this one. Bachmann is just toeing the party lyin’. But according to the Minnesota Independent, Bachmann’s been saying the White House’s own Council of Economic Advisors concluded that the health care bill would kill 5.5 million jobs. Or rather, she attributed that statement to Christina Romer, chair of the council. The Minnesota Independent reported that Bachmann says this a lot.

PolitiFact, our newest favorite website, has examined this claim and reported it false! According to a post from way back in November, the Republicans get that number by plugging her research, from 2007, into a formula of their own that purports to calculate the number of job losses created by a tax increase. PolitiFact has several problems with the way the analysis works, including:
1) It pretends that tax increases planned to take place over ten years will actually happen in one year.
2) It includes the employer mandate as a “tax.”
3) It ignores the conclusions of the Romer research it used, which said that tax increases funding social programs tend to balance out.

But of course, all of this is messy and complicated and people don’t pay attention to details, which allows the GOP to continue telling bald-faced lies in order to scare people.


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