Bachmann lies: health care edition!

Bachmann is far from the only person lying about the health care bill, but we don’t have the time to track down every political lie in these United States. Luckily, PolitiFact does it for us! Last fall, they turned an eye on Bachmann’s claim that the House health care bill prohibits people from buying private insurance, thus forcing them to buy it from the government instead. She even cited a page number, 92:

(The goodies start around 2:22.)

The reality, according to PolitiFact and any reputable news organization, is that the clause in question allows people to keep their existing health care even if they’re eligible to use the health care exchange. So this is almost the exact opposite of what Bachmann claimed, except that there isn’t even a government option involved. In addition, the entire 2,000-page bill was written to preserve the private health insurance system. Not surprisingly, PolitiFact rated this as “Pants on Fire,” the lyingest rating they have.

Bachmann can’t possibly be this dumb, even if she does have trouble with the word “literally,” so we are forced to conclude that she was lying to her constituents for short-term political gain. Is this really someone you want representing you, Minnesota’s Sixth District? She doesn’t even respect your intelligence.

Of course, none of this addresses the issue of why you’d WANT to buy private insurance, since private insurers have a long record of dropping people as soon as they get sick. But Bachmann is entitled to her own opinion. Just not her own “facts.”


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