Michele Bachman: The center of Nancy Pelosi’s UNIVERSE!

Or so we might be led to believe by Bachmann’s multiple public statements. According to the Star-Tribune, she has said several things like “I am public enemy number one to Nancy Pelosi.” And “Pelosi has made me her number one target to defeat next year.” This may have led Sean Hannity to repeat the claim recently.

Now, we don’t doubt that Pelosi and Bachmann do not get along. However, the Strib fact-checked this and found it resoundingly FALSE, much like several other Bachmann statements. However, unlike the partition of Iraq comment or the Muslim clergy visiting Keith Ellison, this one is not entirely made up out of whole cloth. According to the Strib, an article from last summer in Congress Daily includes a list of Congressional seats the DCCC is targeting for competitive races this year. Bachmann’s seat is one of three “promising targets,” which are lower in priority than “pickup opportunities.” (We find this phrasing unhelpful.) So Bachmann is actually sixth to eighth on the DCCC’s target list.

The Strib goes on to pin down a Bachmann spokesperson about where Pelosi comes in, and all we get is that Pelosi is the head of House Democrats. Then he admits that there’s no directive he knows about. And of course, the DCCC is not Pelosi the person, is not run by Pelosi and takes no orders from her. Thus, the Strib concluded, “Bachmann’s statements about Pelosi personally attacking her appear grossly misleading at best.” Since we are not an officially neutral newspaper afraid of stepping on the toes of the powerful, we’ll just go ahead and call it the lie that it is. But if Bachmann is that desperate for Pelosi’s attention, we’re sure she can arrange a meeting.


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