Lesbians falsely imprisoned Bachmann in 2005!

Or anyway, that was her take on it. We’ll let the Minnesota Independent explain:

[P]erhaps the most celebrated instance of Michele being Michele was a bizarre 2005 incident in a little town called Scandia. At the conclusion of a heated town meeting, then-state Sen. Bachmann retreated to a bathroom, where a couple of her constituents followed to continue the argument.

In short, Michele Bachmann claimed to have been briefly kidnapped, and caused to fear for her safety, by a pair of argumentative lesbian constituents. The incident never resulted in charges, in part because Bachmann’s own account of it kept shifting.

It gets better. In short, Bachmann went to the bathroom after a heated debate at a local town hall meeting. Two women followed, and either were chatting about the meeting while leaning against the wall, or intentionally blocking Bachmann into a stall. Your choice. Bachmann believes they were part of the GLBT group, although nothing we’ve read confirms or denies this. Then Bachmann either yelled for help or wrestled the door handle away from one of her “lesbian captors” — she has claimed both. Bachmann even filed a police report, but sadly, this happened too long ago for the documents to still be kicking around. This is also why we don’t link to the Star-Tribune coverage of this “incident.”

It’s tempting to conclude that Bachmann claimed she got stalked by lesbians because she secretly WANTS to be stalked by lesbians. But we suspect it actually has to do with religious conservatives’ need to make up something scary about gay people, because they can’t find anything all that scary in reality.


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