Bachmann lies about terrorism to smear Muslim colleague.

Bachmann represents Minnesota’s Sixth District, which presumably is an exception to the stereotype of Minnesotans as sensible and nice. Nearby, presumably, is the Fifth District, represented by the first Muslim to get elected to Congress, Keith Ellison.

In 2006, some Muslim religious leders got taken off a plane in Minneapolis. They were praying and speaking Arabic on the plane, and somehow (we can guess how), this got them in trouble such that they were removed from the plane, questioned for five hours and released without charges. This is the background for the following Bachmann crazy, uttered on a San Francisco talk show:
“The imams, the imams, were actually attending, ah, Congressman Keith Ellison’s victory celebration, when he won as a member of Congress… They were shouting phrases, anti-Bush, anti-America, were making these statements and when they got aboard the airplane, they switched seats, they didn’t go to their proper seats, and they went in the pattern of the 9/11 terrorists.”

She fails to mention that investigators later found none of this to be true. But that wasn’t the only thing she lied about. They were in Minneapolis for a conference of North American imams that had nothing to do with Ellison. But why would facts stop Bachmann from smearing a political opponent for his membership in a minority religion for crass political gain? (Who wants to bet that she also whines, without irony, about Christians being “oppressed”?)

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