Bachmann: Obama is in league with terrorists

Thanks to the Minneapolis City Pages, we learn that Bachmann’s diarrhea of the mouth acted up again yesterday. Here, she argues against moving Khalid Sheikh Mohammed to NYC for trial, and suggests that the Obama administration wants him to recant his confession so they can have a “show trial” at taxpayer expense. Of course, a show trial is one with a predetermined outcome — like, say, a trial in a military tribunal in which the prosecution won’t share information with the defense. Like the kind the Bush administration set up, which Obama is now seeking to correct. And of course, keeping KSM in Guantanamo would also be at taxpayer expense. But why let that stop the crazy?

During the course of the 1:13 clip, Bachmann also changes her mind about what KSM wants — at the beginning, he doesn’t want a trial, but he does by the end. But if you can simultaneously believe that Jesus is love and that he hates gay people, we guess your mind is highly… flexible.


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